Jeevan Ki Paathshala


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EmpowHER Nurturing the Woman Within

About This Course

"Calling all women to join our program and unlock your true potential

Together, we'll sculpt the best version of you, fortify your mental resilience, supercharge your emotional intelligence, and empower you with an assertive attitude that conquers every challenge

"Only You Can Change Your Story"

Key Points

Nurturing Mental Health

Discovering Your Inner Strength

Cultivating on Assertive Attitude

Handling Diverse Situation

Empower Creativity

Personal Development for
Teenagers girls

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Building a Personal Fitness Routine

Self-Love & Compassion

Relationship Conflicts

Building Own Legacy

Personal Development for
Working women

Information :


Purpose Coach

Coach Aadii



"Empowering women isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do. When women succeed, communities thrive, and societies flourish. The true measure of a nation's greatness is not in its GDP, but in the empowerment and success of its women."



24 hr 40 mins

Building Confidence

Leadership Skills

Effective Communication

Financial Freedom

Self-Care and Wellbeing

Goal Setting and Achievement

Time Management


Stress Management

Emotional Intelligence


Conflict Resolution

Building Resilience

Work-Life Balance



Success Modelling

Mindfulness and Meditation

Building Rapport

Breaking the Old Beliefs

Building Confidence

Building a Growth Mindset

Building a Positive Self-image


Health and Nutrition

Body Positivity

Conflict Management

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Building Awareness & Presence of Mind

Personal and Professional Development


Breaking Barriers and take Initiative

Balancing Ambition and Family

Finding Purpose & Meaning of Life

Building a Personal Mission Statement

Personal Growth and Transformation

Overcoming Fear of Failure


Dealing Emotional Blackmailing

Resilience in Times of Crisis

Choices and Decision-Making

Overcoming Addictions

Building Win-Win in family matters

Understanding Own Personality